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Why we choose SiC ceramic parts instead of metal parts in slurry pumps?

SiC Ceramic Slurry Pump is applied for mining, metallurgy, coal power plant, chemical industry, etc. It can stand large solids, for slurry with high weight concentration- 60% for mineral slurry and 45% for ash slurry. It can work well in a position such as a ball mill pump in mining.

Advantages of SiC Ceramic Slurry Pump:
– abrasion resistance 4 times of high chrome
– corrosion resistance to PH0-12 nearly all acid and alkali
– impact resistance to large solids
– 3~8 times longer lifetime than metal pump
– energy saving and cost-reducing > 20%~40%

However, are you curious about the reason why the Ceramic Slurry Pump is more competitive than the metal pump?

The reason depends on the structure of the SiC pump, its wet parts are made with sintered SiC ceramic, which is sintered in an automatic nitriding furnace at a temperature of 1400℃.

SiC has strong corrosion resistance and good wear resistance. The slurry flows through the SiC part so that it does not corrode the pump.

INNOVACERA has 20 years of experience in this area and can provide SiC ceramics. If you have any technical questions or need sic ceramic, pls contact us at any time.

SiC ceramic slurry pump