Handling Process

Constant supply equipment

Rotary Valve Air-lock Model(TLV)

Constant discharge device under a receiver or cyclone in pneumatic conveyance


Out-metal system, where space is provided between shaft seal and bearing, facilitates shaft seal maintenance, rotor centering and fine adjustment of thrust direction.


This model performs quantitative discharge in locations having upper and lower pressure differentials, such as under a receiver or cyclone in pneumatic conveyance.


  • Materials: Stainless Steel, Steel
  • Standard color (Steel portion):
    Outer surface―N-9(white)
    Inner surface―Clear (Complies with Food Sanitation Law)
  • Options:
    3-side edge treatment of rotor, air-purge specifications, discharge hopper, motor, sprocket, chain, other drive parts, dedicated motor base, and safety cover for shaft

Starch Specifications

Even fine powders such as starch which are susceptible to bite can be discharged smoothly by using the special air-purge mechanism and machined-edge rotor (vane).

When ordering, please provide us with the following information:
1.Model  2.State of material to be transported  3.Composition of powder-contacting areas  4.Amounts of feed and discharge  5.Upstream and downstream equipment and pressure differentials  6.installation site  7.Operating times  8.Voltage and frequency