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YZGB High Head Ceramic (SIC) Slurry Pump

  • Product Description

Product Description

What is high head slurry pump?

High Head Slurry Pumps are end suction, split type, centrifugal slurry pumps with large area external stiffeners allowing higher lift and higher pressure pumping systems for conveying high density slurries and abrasives in heavy industry and mining sites.





Features of high head slurry pump:

1. This  ceramic (SIC) slurry  pump adopts horizontal and vertical axial split double pump casing structure, ceramic lining, high efficiency and high head impeller design, adopts ceramic impeller, with wide flow channel, good anti clogging performance and low NPSHr. 

2. The horizontal split bearing assembly is designed with high capacity bearing. 

3. The bearing is lubricated with oil and equipped with two sets of bearing cooling system to ensure safe and reliable operation.

4. Using multi-stage series technology, it is suitable for long-distance transportation.

5. Large diameter, slow-turning, high-efficiency impellers extend wear life and reduce operating costs.

6. Wear-resistant impeller, spare parts are fully interchangeable with typical slurry pump designs.

7. Use different types of mechanical seals to easily replace packing gland shaft seals. These seals are available in a variety of materials.

8. Solids concentration up to 70% by weight suitable for all types of sludge.

Applicable materials:

Coarse sand

Mineral concentration

Mill discharge 

Heavy media


Phosphoric acid

Metal smelting

Coal washing

Bottom/fly ash

Process chemicals

Applicable industries:








Building Materials 

Other Industries.

As a leading high head slurry pump supplier, the high performance pumps produced by Yijia have been exported to Southeast Asia, Africa, Canada, Chile, Brazil, 

Mexico, Russia and other countries with rich mines. Welcome to select your favored products! 

Operation and Precautions:

Centrifugal slurry pumps and auxiliary devices shall be installed, operated and maintained in accordance with safety measures. 

The specific model of the high head slurry pump should be selected according to the mineral and mud.


1. Centrifugal slurry pumps are reliable as long as they are installed correctly;

2. Inspect and repair shaft seals;

3. Make impeller adjustments;

4. Replace wearing parts;

5. Make sure the bearings are lubricated.

Please feel free to contact us for detailed information!

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