Ductile Iron Double Orifice Automatic Air Release Valve

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Ductile Iron Double Orifice Automatic Air Release Valve

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Product Description

Product Description

Size: 1½" - 12" (DN40 - DN300)

Standard: DIN / BS / ANSI / Korean

Pressure: PN10, PN16, PN25

Coating: WRAS approved epoxy powder at 300 micron thick

Media: Water

Certificate: ISO, SGS, CE

What is Double Orifice Air Valve?

The Dual Orifice Air Valve is an innovative combination of a small and large orifice air valve in a compact cylindrical housing. The function of the large holes is to allow a large amount of air to enter during the duct discharge phase and to expel a large amount of air during system filling.
Under operating conditions, any small air accumulations are expelled through the small holes. The novel design has corrosion-inhibiting components acting through the center shaft and reduced weight compared to the comparative unit.

Application of Double Orifice Air Valve

Used to prevent pressure build-up in piping systems, vacuum and control gas emissions for stability. Suitable for potable and filtered water applications. Please see our Dual Bore Data Sheet below under our Using Air Valve Documentation and Technical Characteristics tab.


Name Material
Body Ductile iron GGG50 with WRAS FBE coating
Stem Carbon steel with galvanization, SS420, SS304, SS3316
Ball SS201, SS304, EPDM...
Washer Carbon steel




1. Ductile iron body has more stronger tensile strength, not easy to be broken up.

2. It's automatic valves. They can exhaust gas in the pipeline to reduce energy loss of pipeline system. So they are products of energy ecomonized. 



1. Precision casting made by self-owned foundry with three advanced casting production lines.

2. Visualization production. From the castings, the polishing, the machining, the FBE coating, the rubber making, the assembling, the pressure testing to the finished packed valves, all of the processes are controlled by Jhy.

3. Such great raw material for valves, as finest Q10 & Q12 cast iron GGG50; EPDM instead of normal rubber; Coating at least 300 micron with WRAS approved. 



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