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LPG semi-trailer

A LPG semi-trailer is a mobile pressure vessel designed for storing and transporting liquefied petroleum gas at normal temperatures. The vessel is constructed with low-alloy steel plates, which provide outstanding performance, safety, and reliability. CIMC ENRIC, the manufacturer of LPG semi-trailers, uses only high-quality materials and accessories for production. With their professional design and manufacturing team and a comprehensive quality assurance system, wee offer a range of LPG semi-trailers in various sizes, from 46m³ to 63.1m³, which can also be customized to meet local requirements, regulations, and standards such as ASME, CE, GB, GOST, and others.

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CIMC ENRIC produces high quality lpg trailers from China. in our LPG tank semi-trailers we use flow meters and pumps for discharge, we use Q370R material in the tanks and we can change the dimensions and technical details on request. As a CIMC ENRIC semi-trailer leading manufacturer, we manufacturer and supply lpg trailers with Chinese A2, A3, C2, SAD and American ASME U/ U2, providing you with a guarantee of safety in lpg transport.



What certifications do we own?

We have professional design and manufacturing qualifications of Chinese A2, A3, C2, SAD and American ASME U/ U2


transport LPG, liquid ammonia, propane, propylene, dimethyl ether, isobutyl fat, and butadiene.

Main functions

Key Features

The main material is low-alloy steel plates for pressure vessels, the valve accessories are selected from famous brands in the industry, professional design and manufacturing team, perfect quality assurance system, the existing series volume from 46m³~63.1m³, can be customized according to customer needs.

Effectiveness: Technical parameters can meet your needs and improve the effectiveness of the machine.

Safety: We have explosion-proof design, emergency cut-off and other systems to minimize potential safety risks.

Compatibility: Our equipment can be highly integrated with your equipment, reducing the complexity of your extra work.

What is the purpose of the product?

This product is a special tank truck used for storage and transportation of LPG, equipped with special safety accessories, loading and unloading accessories.

What benefits will you get from product?

Customers can use this product for safe storage and transportation of LPG, such as short, medium and long-distance road transportation, etc.


Where can this product be used?

This product can be used for road transportation between areas with ambient temperature of -40℃~50℃.

Who might use this product?

LPG trading companies, transport business carriers and transport teams of large petrochemical companies are potential customers of this product.

Use range

Suitable for mixed liquefied petroleum gas, propane, commercial propane or commercial propane butane mixture medium with saturated vapor pressure ≤1.60MPa at 50℃

Some common uses of the product?

Transportation or temporary transit storage


Primary advantages

Safe and reliable, large volume, light overall mass and high transportation efficiency.

Why should I buy this product?

Forty years of professional design and manufacturing experience, the first market share in China for thirty-six consecutive years, reliable quality and service guarantee.

What makes this product different to competitor products?

High cost performance, quality assurance, high responsibility and perfect after-sales service system.

Our service

Our Policy

HONGTU has the design & fabrication capacity of LPG stationary storage tanks including above-ground tanks, underground tanks and mounded tanks etc. All kinds of tanks could be customized according to the customers' requirements.

Unique Deliveries


Shipped by RORO ship or Bulk Ship

Warranty information

One-year warranty after delivery

Payment method

What payment method do we have?

T/T, L/C

Export cases

Main markets

Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, North America


Product specifications

Technical parameters

I. ASME Code
Capacity() 38.3m³ 46m³(with pump)** 47.5m³ 55m³ 58m³ 60m³(with pump)**
Capacity(GAL.) 10117.7GAL.
12151.9GAL. 12548.2GAL. 14529.5GAL. 15322GAL. 15850.3GAL.
*Max. Payload 18000kg(19.15 t) 21300kg(23 t) 23000kg(23.75 t) 25710kg(27.5 t) 26130kg(29 t) 25500kg(30 t)
Kerb Weight 11900kg 16900kg 14000kg 16790kg 17300kg 22150kg
Gross Vehicle Weight 29900kg 38200kg 37000kg 42500kg 43430kg 47650kg
Outline Dimension












Design Pressure 1.724 MPa 2.26 MPa 1.724MPa 1.724MPa 1.724MPa 2.5MPa
MAWP 1.724 MPaat 51.7℃ 2.26 MPaat 70℃ 1.724MPa - 1.724MPa 2.5MPa
Design Temperature 51.7℃ 70℃ -23.3/51.7℃ 50℃ -23.3/51.7℃ -40/+70℃
Corrosion Allowance 0mm 2mm 0mm 0mm 0mm 1mm
Material of Shell SA-612M(N) SA-537M SA-612M(N) SA-612M(N) SA-612M(N) SA-612
Material of Head SA-612M(N) SA-537M SA-612M(N) SA-612M(N) SA-612M(N) SA-612
Thickness of Shell 12.5mm 15mm 12mm 12.5mm 14mm 16mm
Thickness of Head 8mm 10mm 8mm 8mm 8mm 16mm
Test Pressure(Hydraulic Horizontal) 2.25MPa 3.4MPa 2.24MPa 2.25MPa 2.25MPa 3.58MPa
Air Test Pressure 1.724MPa 2.26MPa 1.724MPa 1.724MPa 1.724MPa -

*Please note that different capacities will cause different density and different payload.** CIMC ENRIC is able to supply you LPG semi trailer with pump, the reference photos can be viewed above.  

Please contact for more different kinds of capacity and standard tanks.

II. China GB Standard
Volume(m³) 36m³ 46m³ 52m³ 58.1m³ 61.9m³
Volume(GAL.) 9510.2GAL. 12151.9GAL. 13736.9GAL. 15348.4GAL. 16352.3GAL.
*Max. Payload 15120kg(18 t) 19320kg(23 t) 25506kg(26 t) 26915kg(29.05 t) 26000kg(30.05 t)
Kerb Weight 11880kg 14680kg 13374kg 15000kg 14000kg
Gross Vehicle Weight 27000kg 34000kg 38800kg 41915kg 40000kg
Outline Dimension L:9400mmW:2500mmH:3900mm L:10360mmW:2500mmH:3990mm L:12000mmW:2500mmH:3990mm L:13150mmW:2500mmH:4100mm L:13590mmW:2550mmH:4000mm
Design Pressure 1.61MPa 1.61MPa 1.77MPa 1.72/-0.1MPa 1.61/-0.04MPa
Design Temperature -20/50℃ -20/50℃ -20/50℃ -20/50℃ -40/50℃
Corrosion Allowance 1mm 1mm 1mm 1mm 1mm
Material of Shell Q370R(N) Q370R(N) Q420R(WH590D) Q370R(N) WH590E(N)
Material of Head Q370R(N) Q370R(N) Q420R(WH590D) Q370R(N) 16MnDR(N)
Thickness of Shell 12mm 13mm 11mm 12mm 10mm
Thickness of Head 11mm 12mm 10mm 8mm 8mm
Test Pressure(Hydraulic Horizontal) 2.1MPa 2.1MPa 2.7MPa 2.24MPa 2.1MPa
Air Test Pressure 1.61MPa 1.61MPa 1.77MPa 1.72MPa 1.61MPa
CIMC ENRIC is able to supply you LPG semi-trailer with different density and different payload.
Please contact for more different kinds of capacity and standard tanks.

III. European Standard ADR
Design Code EN12493:2013+A1:2014
Volume 60m³
Max. Payload 25200kg
Kerb Weight 14800kg
Gross Vehicle Weight 40000kg
Outline Dimension(LengthxWidthxHeight) 13115x2550x4000 mm
Wheel Base 7900+1320+1320
Design Pressure 2.1/-0.04 MPa
Maximum Working Pressure 1.62 MPa
Design Temperature -20/+50℃
Material of Shell P460NL1
Nominal Thickness 10(Shell)/13(End) mm
Hydrostatic Pressure Test 2.10 MPa


Package included

Nude Packing

Accessories or Parts



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