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List of important Organic Compounds

List of important Organic Compounds: An organic compound is a member of a large class of gaseous, liquid, or solid chemical compounds whose molecules contain carbon. Organic molecules are used by human beings in foods, pharmaceuticals, fuels etc. Check the complete list of organic compounds below.
List of important Organic Compounds

List of important Organic Compounds: An organic compound is a member of a large class of gaseous, liquid, or solid chemical compounds whose molecules contain carbon. Organic molecules are used by human beings in a number of ways in foods, pharmaceuticals, fuels etc.

List of important Organic Compounds

Organic Compound

Uses of Organic Compound


Black in colour, used in making motor tyres and printing ink, production of light and energy, making methyl alcohol, formaldehyde and chloroform etc.


In its liquid state, it is used as LPG fuel.


It is used in fruit ripening and fruits preservation, mustard gas, and in the form of anaesthesia, in oxy-ethylene flame.


In producing light, oxy-ethylene flame, in the form of Marcelin anaesthesia, in making neoprene (artificial rubber), in artificial ripening etc.


It is used for producing electrical resistance in wires and cables, in making layers in the cap of the bottle in the production of non-crackable bottles, pipes, buckets etc.


Is used for the production of caps of bottles of acid, in making the body of the accumulator cells etc.

Ethyl bromine

It is for making local anaesthesia.


In surgical operation as anaesthesia, in form of a solvent of rubber, fat, lac etc, as insecticide etc.

Methyl alcohol

In making methylated spirit, artificial colour, varnish and polish, mixing with petrol and utilised as a fuel of engines etc.


In making medicine of throats in making chewing tablets.

Ethyl alcohol

It is used for making wine and other alcoholic drinking stuff, tincture, varnish and polish, in the form of solvents, in methylated spirit, in artificial colours in perfumes and scent of fruits, in transparent soaps, in spirit lamps and stoves, in the form of fuel of motor vehicle in cleaning the wound, in the form of insecticide etc.


It is used for making nitro-glycerine, in cleaning the components of watches, in ink of stamp, in shoes polish and cosmetics, in transparent soaps, in pain reliever medicines of any fractured part of the body organs, in sweets, wine and fruits preservation etc.


In making insecticides, in fixation of gelatine film on the photographic plates, in making waterproof cloths by mixing it with eggs exterior whitely part etc.


In making colour medicines, in manufacturing meta acetaldehyde medicine used in sleeping, in the production of plastics.


In making varnish, cordite, clodian cellulose, artificial silk, synthetic rubber, sulphone, chloretone, chloroform, iodoform etc. as medicines etc.

Formic acid

In making insecticide, preservation of fruits juices, in trade of leather, rubber etc.

Acetic acid

As laboratory’s reagent, in the form of vinegar, in making sauces and jelly etc.

Acetyl chloride

In making acetamide, acetic anhydride etc.

Acetic anhydride

In the colour industry, in the manufacturing of medicine like aspirin, in making artificial or synthetic silk from cellulose etc.


In softening leather, cloth and in misting pulp and paper.

Ethyl acetate

In making medicines, artificial perfumes etc.


In the form of fertilizer, in making formaldehyde and urea plastic, medicines etc.

Oxalic acid

In colouration and printing cloths, in making the colour of ink and coaltar, in the bleaching of leather, in cleaning the spot of ink by its 10 % solution etc.


In making different types of wine, in sweets and preservation of fruits juices, medicines like gluconate etc.


In the form of solvent, in dry cleaning, by mixing it with petrol and used as fuel of engines etc.


In the dry cleaning, in the form of solvent, in the production of medicines, in making of explosives etc.

Chloro benzene

In the manufacturing of aniline, phenol etc.

Nitro benzene

In the production of soaps in the form of mirbane oil, in making polishes etc.


In the trade of colours, in manufacturing of drugs etc.


In the production of carbolic soap, in the form of insecticide, in Bakelite, in predestine, aspirin, celolal etc.


In the colour industry, in the manufacturing of perfumes etc.

Benzoic acid

In the making drugs, preservation of fruits juices etc.

Benzene Sulphonic acid

In the production of saccharin, in the production of solute colour, in making sulpha drugs etc.


As anaesthesia, solvent, coolant, in the production of alcohol etc...


In the form of a fire extinguisher.


In the treatment of urological diseases.


In the form of germicide/ insecticide

Alkanes consist of chemicals like propane, octane, and methane which are extensively used as fuels in automobile gasoline and home heating/cooking fuel.

Alcohols include chemicals such as ethanol and isopropanol which are used as antiseptics and ethanol is a staple of the beverage industry (beer/wine).

Carboxylic acids include a wide variety of chemicals including pharmaceuticals. Aspirin, one of the oldest commercial drugs, contains carboxylic acid.


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