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What is the difference between Gate Valve and Globe Valve?

The valves are used to open, close, and regulate the fluid flow. There are multiple types of valves according to the nature of the applications. A gate valve and a globe valve are the most commonly used types of valves. The main difference between a gate valve and a globe valve is that they have different designs and working methods. This article mainly explains the Gate valve vs Globe valve.

What is Gate Valve?

Gate valve is a linear motion valve. It belongs to the family of shutoff valves. It has a wedge-shaped gate that can hermetically seal the fluid.

The gate valves are most commonly used to isolate the fluid. They can’t be used to regulate the fluid flow. Therefore, these are employed in services that require tight sealing. Knife gate valves are used for thicker and high viscous fluids.

The gate valve has a very low-pressure loss, and it doesn’t produce obstructions as the fluid flows. It has a gate disc that moves up and down to open and close the flow. This gate disc may have a parallel, wedge, or knife design.

The gate disc is very thin. In the case of throttling flow, the fluid vibration may misalign the disc from its seat. This problem may damage and reduce the life cycle of the valve. Therefore, gate valves are used to fully close or fully open services.

What is a Globe Valve?

The globe valves are used to open, close or throttle flow. They belong to the linear motion linear valve family. This valve uses a disc or plug to open or close the flow.

The globe valve is named because of its conventional housing design, which is similar to the globe. It is designed in such a way that it provides a tight seal with less chance of leaks.

One of the main differences between the gate valve and globe valve is that a globe valve may use for throttling flow while the gate valve can’t use for throttling flow.

One of the main disadvantages of these valves is that they have high-pressure drop than the gate valves.

This valve has a seat parallel to the fluid flow, which reduces seat corrosion when the valve is opened. This arrangement of the valve makes it an excellent throttling valve.

These globe valves are used for systems where safety and leakage are very important.

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Gate Valve Vs Globe Valve

The main difference between a globe valve and a gate valve is given below:

1) Design

The main difference between a gate valve and a globe valve is their design. The globe valve has a complex design, while the gate valve has an easy design. The inner components of the globe valve are installed inside the valve. Therefore, these valves have complex construction. The globe valve contains a rising stem.

On the other hand, the inner components of the gate valves are located on the top of the valve body. Therefore, they have an easy construction. These valves contain a rising or non-rising stem.

2) Pressure Drop

The main disadvantage of the globe valve is that it has a high-pressure drop than the gate valve. This is because the internal components of the gate valve are installed inside the valve cavity. As the globe valve is turned on, the valve cavity doesn’t hollow. This causes a high-pressure drop.

While on the other hand, the internal parts of the gate valve are located on the valve body. Therefore, as you turn on the gate valve, the valve body becomes hollow and follow easily passes through the valve. Due to this reason, the globe valve has a low-pressure drop.

3) Thickness of the Valve Disc

The gate valve has a very thin gate disc. This gate disc is not too hard and thick as a globe valve plug. During the throttle flow through the gate valve, the vibration of the fluid flow can misalign the gate disc from its seat. Therefore, you can’t use gate valves for throttling flow. If you use it for throttle flow, it will be damaged in a very short time, and its service life will be low.

4) Maintenance and Repair

The gate valve needs lower maintenance than the globe valve. The globe valves have complicated maintenance and repair. They also have high maintenance costs than the gate valve.

5) Applications

The globe valves are used to open, close or throttle flow. In comparison, the gate valve can only use for fully open or fully closed services. Gate valves are ideal for services where a very low-pressure loss is significant. The globe valves are ideal for applications where a large pressure drop is not a problem.

The major difference between a gate valve and a globe valve is that the globe valve is unidirectional while the gate valve is a multidirectional valve.

6) Cost

The globe valves have more costs than the gate valves because the globe valves have complicated structure than the gate valve.

7) Function

The main difference between a globe valve and a gate valve is in their function. These both are used for different purposes in different applications. As discussed above, a globe valve has the capability to change the flow rate and flow direction. In such a situation, a gate valve cannot control the flow rate.

Gate valve is a one-way valve, and it is manufactured to isolate the fluid. It can’t handle the fluid pressure flowing in the half-open position. In contrast, globe valves are best suitable to control the pressure of the flowing in the half-open position. Therefore, they are considered one of the best valves for throttle flow.

8) Working Mechanism

The globe and gate valves have a different working method. This is another major difference between the gate valve and the globe valve. The gate valves can only provide fully open or fully closed flow. As you shut off the valve, the gate disc sits between the valve seats. This disc moves perpendicularly to the fluid flow direction. As the valve opens, the valve cavity becomes empty, and fluid passes easily.

In contrast, the plug or disc of the globe valve moves parallel to the flow direction. The disc easily detaches from the blade. These valves are designed to provide tight shutoff and throttling.

A Quick Comparison between Globe Valve and Gate Valve

A quick overview between the difference between Globe valve and Gate valve is given below:

  1. The gate valve can’t use for throttling flow because it has a thin gate disc. While globe valve is most commonly used for throttling flow.
  2. The globe valves have complex construction than the gate valves.
  3. Gate valves have low price than globe valves.
  4. Gate valves have more fluid isolation characteristics than globe valves.
  5. The inner parts of the gate valve are placed on the top of the valve body, while globe valve parts are placed inside the valve body.
  6. The gate valve is a multidirectional valve. You can install it in any direction. In contrast, globe valves are unidirectional valves. You can install the globe valve in only one direction.
  7. The pressure loss in the gate valve is lower than the globe valve. Therefore, gate valves are used for applications where the high-pressure drop is unacceptable.
  8. The globe valve disc moves parallel to the fluid flow direction. While the gate valve disc moves perpendicular to the flow.
  9. The gate valves have lower installation and maintenance costs than the globe valves.
  10. The maintenance or repair of the globe valve is more complex than the gate valve maintenance.

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