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DN10 Ball valve - 3/8"

DN10 Ball valve - 3/8"

DN10 Ball valve - 3/8"

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With Quick Connects?

DN10 Ball valve - 3/8"


Are you ready to save time and money?

Not only does a ball valve save time from limiting engine off time it allows you to safely leave the valve open for easier starting and to prevent overheating under long periods of idle operation!


The MTM Hydro High Pressure Plated Brass Ball valves are found in a variety of areas in the pressure washing field. Most commonly, this round-edged, light weight, heavy duty Italian ball valve is found at the end of the hose and is used as a temporary shutoff while the pressure washer is on. By shutting the water off, the user can then change over to another gun set up without turning the entire system off. This specific series of Italian Ball Valve is a top 5 product of ours every month of the year which goes to show you that tens of thousands of people per year cannot be wrong about their choice of quality!


When installing NPT fittings in these BSP threads, be sure to wrap threads 6-7 times with Teflon tape or 2-3 drops of Blue Loctite.


  • Seals manufactured with PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) for improved performance with high heat and chemicals
  • 3/8" Female BSP Inlet x 3/8" Female BSP Outlet
  • Max - 176° F

    These are currently in stock and shipping immediately but have been in short supply this year. We will update this page with current dates if there are issues with supply.

    Available in a kit with a swivel here:


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    Customer Reviews

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    Samuel Estrada-Porter

    Quick connect is pretty rough and hard to utilize. Gets stuck

    We never want to see someone have an issue. Connect with us on chat so we can help you resolve this! Many times the quick connects can become stiff if they are connecting dissimilar metals or the O-rings inside can swell from chemicals or heat. All are easily addressable issues though to make your job easier.

    Alex Jones
    Ball valve

    I used the ball valve as soon as I received it and it worked perfectly

    Thanks for the review Alex! You're right, this is the best valve out there.

    Aaron Root
    This thing is awesome. Get one for sure

    This thing is awesome. I bought one somewhere else first but it was so hard to turn. This is smooth as butter and feels so much higher quality.

    Thank you for the feedback Jason. We love that you love your new ball valve!