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Ball valve lock V500

The V500 universal valve lockout fits on any ball valve handle and secures it against unintentional operation.
  • Universal use – regardless of shape and size of handle
  • Generous clamping area with adjustable height
  • Optimal grip on a wide variety of surfaces

Ball valve lock V500


Because valve handles come in countless different shapes.

Our V500 universal valve lock always fits because it can be attached to all different kinds of valve handles. How does it work? The clamping area surrounds the handle and has an adjustable height. That means it can fit on ball valves of all shapes and sizes. The valve lock ensures that there is a mounting point for a cable lock. This cable lock connects the valve handle through the mounting point to a fixed counterpoint so that the ball valve is fixed in place and protected against unauthorized access.


  • Large, solid metal housing
  • Ergonomically shaped rotary handle for quick adjustment
  • Generous adjustment range
  • Large, specially shaped contact surfaces for getting an optimal grip on the valve handle
  • Metallic and rubberized clamping surfaces for an optimal grip on various surfaces
  • A mounting point for feeding through a cable lock
  • With embedded warning "Danger – Locked out"

Operation and use:

  • For securing valves from accidentally being turned on again during maintenance
  • Locking ball valve handles by attaching an additional cable lock (not included in the scope of delivery)
  • Securing the OFF position through connection to a counterpoint
  • For all shapes and sizes of ball valve handles, thanks to the generous, adjustable clamping area


  • V500Set – combined in a set with a Safelex™ C506 cable lock
Ball valve lock V500 
Weight [lbs]: 0.37 lbs
Ball valve lock V500 Set 
Weight [lbs]: 0.77 lbs

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