YFJ-PG Portable Valve Grinding

YFJ-PG300 Portable Gate Valve Grinding Machine

  • Valve Types: Gate Valve
  • Size Range: up to 1250MM
  • Power Supply: 220V Single Phase
  • Electrical Drive ( Pneumatic available on request)
  • Product description: Portable type valve grinding machine , on job site grinding.

YFJ-PG300 Portable Gate Valve Grinding Machine

Product description: 

YFJ-PG300 Portable Valve Grinder is a high-tech product. Widely used in power generation, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, pulp paper and other industries. Grinding Gate Valve Wedge or Body Seat. 


Grinding range: φ95-φ335 gate valve (valve seat, valve core), flat globe valve (valve core).

●Motor power: 1300W

●Power parameters: 220V/50Hz

●Spacing between valve sealing surfaces: 55mm

●grinding depth: 650mm

●Operating weight: 20kg


1. Light in weight, small in size and easy to carry.

2. It adopts a reasonable structure design and a split assembly method to make the installation fast and simple.

3. It is light in weight, small in size and simple in installation, so it can be applied to field operations in various environments.

4. Wide range of application. It can be used to study gate valves, globe valves, flanges, etc. of various materials.

5. After installation and adjustment, it can be automatically ground.

6. Reasonable structure design, good Metabo power and good imported grinding materials make the grinding speed higher than that of manual grinding.

7. Infinitely adjustable speed, stable power transmission, and high-precision grinding plane make the sealing surface after repair and grinding reach close contact.

8. Imported power motor is adopted, and imported air motor can also be selected too. 

Advantages: Reduce the work strength, improve the working efficiency, and reduce the repairing expense. It is widely used in the oil, chemical industry, steel plant, power plant etc.

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